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Shrimati Kala Prakash

Uttam Sahit Award

Recipient for year 2013


Kala Prakash Shrimati Kala Prakash born in 1934 in Karachi (now in Pakistan)started writing short stories in Sindhi in 1953, when her first story 'Dohi Bedohi' was published in Naeen Duniya, a prominent literary monthly published from Mumbai, and continues to write today. She married in 1954 to Shri Moti Prakash, another well known Writer and together perhaps happen to be the only writer couple, who are both Sahitya Academic Award Winners.

In 1977, she settled down in Dubai along with her husband and children and finally migrated to India, after Moti Prakash's retirement in April, 2002. Simple in her attire and a warm and affectionate person, Kala's life has been full of trials and tribulations in a middle class family. Apart from her novels published so far, she has written numerous short stories brought out in three collections, one travelogue ( pen portraits of the writers and friends in Sindh) when she visited Sindh in 1984. Her novels, travelogue & stories have been published in Sindh as well.

Her "Mamta Jun Lahroon", a collection of poetic prose, portrays a child's innocent mind and his spontaneous reaction to everyday situations. Full of mother's sentiments, it vividly describes the questioning mind of a child and his curiosity to know the world. For its choice of words and unambiguous style, this is one of the unique books published by 'Koonj', after partition in India. This book has gone into second edition in India in 2007.

Kala's latest collection of short stories 'lntezaar', is a vivid description of various aspects of life in society torn between stark realities and values.

Kala chooses very simply words, common in Sindhi households. Her style has freshness and spontaneity, without any adornment and exaggeration.

Kala was one of the early members of the Sindhi Sahit Mandal, Mumbai -the first Sindhi Writers' Association, which was instrumental in reviving Sindhi Language, literature and culture in India. She fondly remembers Prof. M. U. Malkani's selfless services in the cause of uplift of Sindhi literature in India. She served as the Hon Joint Secretary of the Mandal for a considerable period of time.

Honours and Awards

  • Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha's appreciation award for her book "Mamta Jun Lahroon" in 1965.
  • The prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in 1994.
  • Felicitated by Sindhi Community in Dubai for her above award winning novel in 1994.
  • Maharshtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award for contribution to Sindhi Literature - 1992.
  • Ishwari Jivatram Buxani Award along with Dr. Moti Prakash, at Dubai, 2001
  • Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli & Sahit Sabha Award - 1994 (Second Time)
  • Priya Darshni Academy Award (Ram Panjwani Literary Award for Sindhi Literature) June 2010
  • A special issue was published on Kala and her works by Koonj, Mumbai.

Books Published


  1. Hik Dil Hazaar Arman - In India two editions 1957 - 1972.
  2. Shishe Ji Dil - Two editions (1960-1970) in India and one in Sindh.
  3. Hik Sapno Sukhan Jo - One edition in India (1971) and two in Sindh.
  4. Hayaati Hotan Re - Two editions in India (1975 - 1980) and one in Sindh.
  5. Waqt - Vithyoon- Vichhotiyoon - Two editions - one in India (1988) and one in Sindh.
  6. Aarsia Ado - One edition in India (1992)
    Aarsia Ado bagged the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in 1994.
  7. Pyar - One edition in lndia(1997)
  8. Pakhan Ji Preet - One edition in India (1998)
  9. Samund Ain Kinaro - One edition in India (2004)
    A combined edition of the novels at Sr. No. 7 & 8 has been published in Sindh by M/s Sangam Publicatons, Karachi- April,1999.
  10. Aukha Pandh Pyaar Jaa - One edition in India (2010) - One edition in Sindh (2010)
    - This novel has been published in Sindh and has bagged Sindhi Language Authority Award (2011) (Aukha Pandh Pyaar Ja, the latest Novel of the Author has woven the stories of some collegians in love who were separated by harsh realities of life yet lived their life fully with total acceptance. The locale is Mumbai and the background is the monsoon fury of 25th July 2005)

Poetic Prose Collection

  1. Mamta Jun Lahrun - One edition in India (1963)
  2. Mamta Jun Lahrun - (2006)

Collection of Short Stories

  1. Murk Ain Mamta - One edtion in India (1973)
  2. Varan Me Gul - One edition in India (1993)
  3. lntezaar - One edition in India (2008)

Pen Portraits

  • Je Hianre Manjh Huran - One edition In India (1987) & one in Sindh Z(1987)

(Total Publications -16)

Apart from the above publications, her short stories have been published in various Sindhi Literary Magazines - Naeen Duniya, Koonj, Sipoon & Rachna & also Weekly Hindvasi Of late, Kala has been writing on classical poets like Shah Latif and Sachal. According to her, interpretation of Shah Abdul Latif's immortal verses, should change as she calls him the poet of the people, rather than that of mysticsm.

Address :

  • 9, Maleer
    Ward 4-A, Adipur - 370205(Gujarat)
    Tel. (02836) 262297 Mob. 08141717336

  • B-33, Aaram Co.op. Housing Sociey,
    Vakola, Santa Cruz (East)
    Mumbai - 400055
    Tel. (022) 26672996

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